Vans Warped Tour

Atmosphere at the Vans Warped Tour at the Pomona Fairplex on July 1, 2011 in Pomona, California. 

Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Earlier this month, Warped founder/producer Kevin Lyman said he was considering a 21-plus age restriction on artists playing the 2016 Warped Tour. Turns out, teenaged rockers have nothing to worry about -- no such limit is coming.

In a recent interview with the Gunz Show, Lyman clarified his statement from an Aug. 10 interview with the Stranger, which stemmed from a chat on Warped 2015’s final day. 

"I had just dealt with some stuff, and this kid -- sweet kid -- had already written half of [his] story, he was just looking for a couple quotes to insert into it. And I said, ‘Man, I’m just gonna bring adults next summer out on tour. It would make my life a lot easier, in a sense.' And all of a sudden they inserted and added ‘under 21 is not gonna be allowed at Warped.’ Are you crazy?"

Interview: Kevin Lyman Reflects on Twenty Years of Warped Tour

Yesterday, Gunz Show host Mike Gunz told Alternative Press

"Kevin's message is important, too. The internet can really [spiral] out of control sometimes, and the message of take a step back, breathe, and look at things logically is an important one -- in all matters of this technologically driven life. The community needs to become a community again, because, right now, it's not."

Lyman's attention to social media and controversy could relate to a pair of notable incidents on the tour this year. Earlier this summer, Jake McElfresh, who performs as Front Porch Step, canceled a string of Warped Tour dates when allegations of sexual misconduct -- involving explicit messaging with underage girls -- surfaced. However, Lyman permitted him to perform an unpaid set at Warped's July 1 stop in Nashville.

Weeks later, the Sacramento, Calif., rock band Slaves was removed from Warped Tour on July 16 after singer Jonny Craig allegedly sexually harassed a merch girl. Lyman later reconsidered and left the dismissal up to a town hall vote, but the Warped community chose to uphold the decision.