hard summer fest porter robinson 2015

A view of the stage during HARD Summer music festival on Aug. 1, 2015.

Erik Voake for HARD Summer

Los Angeles County supervisors are considering banning music festivals from county property after the weekend deaths of two teenagers at an event in Pomona, California.

Supervisors on Tuesday (Aug. 4) ordered the county's chief executive to look into a moratorium.

HARD Summer Festival 2015: Two Women Die of Suspected Overdoses

They also voted to investigate the deaths of two women who attended the HARD Summer music event on county-owned land.

Authorities suspect that 19-year-old Katie Dix of Camarillo, California, and 18-year-old Tracy Nguyen of West Covina, California, died Saturday of drug overdoses.

City News Service says the board was told 29 other festivalgoers were treated for drug- or alcohol-related problems and two people were hospitalized in critical condition after falling and hitting their heads.