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Well, at least we have Hendrix.

Six Finnish metal/rock bands will be honored in September when the country’s postal service, Posti, issues several new series of stamps.

According to posti.fi, graphic artist Klaus Welp designed the sheet that will feature Nightwish, Apocalyptica, Chidren of Bodom, Hanoi Rocks, HIM and The Rasmus. The stamps are designed in the vein of each band's posters, and the sheet’s background design is modeled after a room in the Tavastia music club in Helsinki.

All six bands have made an impact in the United States. Most recently, for example, symphonic metal act Nightwish debuted at No. 34 on the Billboard 200 with its new album Endless Forms Most Beautiful the week of April 6. Apocalyptica, which has evolved from a band of cellists who covered Metallica songs into an outfit that creates original music with such guest artists as Bush’s Gavin Rossdale and Corey Taylor of Stone Sour/Slipknot, just started a U.S. tour with Sixx: AM. Goth-influenced HIM, which arguably is the highest-profile group among the six, is best-known for the quasi-ballad “Join Me in Death.”

Glam rockers Hanoi Rocks were gaining ground in the States in the 1980s during the glam metal era, but their rise was tragically cut short after drummer Nicholas “Razzle” Dingley was killed in a car accident while he was a passenger in the car of Motley Crue singer Vince Neil.

The United States Postal Service has also immortalized musicians: Such legends as Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, Elvis Presley and Janis Joplin, and jazz greats like Charlie Parker, Louis Armstrong, John Coltrane and Billie Holiday have gotten their due. However, the closest it has come to paying tribute to artists of the harder-rock ilk was when it issued the Jimi Hendrix stamp in 2014.