Ariel Camacho

Ariel Camacho

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DEL Records artist Ariel Camacho died in a car accident early Wednesday (Feb. 25) in his native Sinaloa, Mexico. He was 22 years old.

"My heart is broken by the loss of Ariel Camacho," Angel Del Villar, president and founder of the Regional Mexican label said in a statement. "I knew he was going to transform the genre in Mexico and the United States. Millions of people would have become fans and would have gotten to know the man I did."

Camacho had been on tour promoting a deluxe version of his album El Karma when he died in the accident on a highway outside of Sinaloa.

The singer-songwriter, born Jose Ariel Camacho Barraza, was known for his guitar skills and soft-edged vocals on acoustic songs that reflected the lives of his Mexican music fans. The young artist had gained a following through his live shows and videos on YouTube. El Karma, recorded with his band Los Plebes del Rancho, was Camacho's first album on DEL Records.