Courtesy of Wavo

To introduce its new viral music player to the world, music-marketing platform Wavo turned to some familiar Frenchmen.

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Nine years after making mega-hit "Magenta," Arno Cost & Arias reprise their creative partnership to give Shakedown's "At Night" a soaring dance floor update. Layering the original's iconic hook over pleasant piano chords and a swelling synth lead, the duo build the track into a melodic mainstage anthem.

Listen to the exclusive premiere of Arno Cost & Arias' "At Night" via Wavo on Billboard:

Wavo's new viral music player comprises the centerpiece of its Pro platform, which offers artists new marketing tools like social paywalls, cross-platform connections and unlimited uploading. For example, fans can download "At Night" through Wavo's music player for free in exchange for sharing it on Facebook or Twitter.

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"With Wavo, artists big and small get the tools they need to break their music across all the social networks they care about," said Conor Clarke, CEO of Wavo. "In today's world, artists to need to grow and connect with their fans across multiple platforms and we're excited to be helping them do that as easily as possible."

Wavo has emerged as a top music promotional platform since it was founded in 2011, helping more than 1,000 artists book shows and festival dates, as well as helping sign more than 100 records to the likes of Dim Mak and Ultra Music last year.