No. 3

Co-president, Sony/ATV Music Publishing


With Sony/ATV’s market share running at an all-time high for five consecutive quarters in the wake of its acquisition of EMI Music Publishing, it’s clear that co-president Jody Gerson has had a successful year. In addition to playing a key role in integrating the two companies, seeking opportunities to mine the EMI catalog and ensuring the EMI songwriters felt like they were members of the family, she helped lead Sony/ATV to a whopping 33% market share in the third quarter. That’s nearly five percentage points higher than what Sony/ATV had achieved in the four prior quarters since it took over administration of EMI Music Publishing. “I hope this shows how relentless we are in advocating and proactively supporting our writers, and it’s paying off,” she says. This occurred in a year where one of her big accomplishments was “the integration of EMI into one company, merging the staff and letting the EMI writers know that they are a part of one family,” Gerson says. “A huge goal of mine is to create a community feeling.” Her boss, Sony/ATV chairman/CEO Martin Bandier, said in a statement that all of the company’s writers benefit from the writer-centric ethos that Gerson creates. “Jody demonstrates strategic leadership in the creative area,” Bandier says. “As soon as Sony/ATV assumed management of EMI, she immediately identified EMI writers who had lacked attention and made sure that her team provided these writers with Sony/ATV’s much talked-about individual attention and care.” —Ed Christman