No. 9

Global head of digital accounts, Universal Music Group


Amanda Marks, one of the music industry’s pioneering digital executives, remains an industry leader in the ever-changing digital space. As Universal Music Group’s global head of digital accounts, Marks’ primary focus is greasing digital music revenue streams by expanding UMG’s digital reach into new markets and improving its ability to help its labels market their music to digital music service providers. Marks is UMG’s chief liaison to the industry’s most important digital players, including iTunes, Spotify, Google, Vevo and Amazon, helping those accounts achieve product innovations and expand into new markets as well. Marks’ team also helps the UMG labels with their digital marketing plans. “This year I have never seen a release schedule like this,” she says. “We could activate campaigns and our vision across multiple accounts in a way we never had before to maximize revenue.” Marks “is a great resource who is incredibly smart, objective and fair,” says one UMG label executive who works with her. “Whether we are looking at global plans or domestic initiatives for our music, there is no one better at helping us focus in the digital space.” —Ed Christman