Governors Ball Cancels Last Two Friday Sets Due to Weather, Fest to Continue ‘As Scheduled’

Billboard's Tye Comer at Governors Ball in New York Friday

William Gruger

After a day of filled with high winds and driving rain thanks to Hurricane Andrea, Governors Ball cancelled Friday’s closing sets from Kings of Leon and Pretty Lights.

“Due to sustained high winds and unsafe stage conditions, Kings of Leon and Pretty Lights are unable to perform. Please get home safely. Weather looks great tomorrow,” the festival posted at 9 p.m., to a flood of angry comments from disappointed patrons.

Governors Ball 2013: Kings of Leon Rained Out on Opening Day

A later statement added: “The Current wind speeds have made it a safety issue to operate the stages. While Governors Ball and the acts would like for nothing more than the show to go on, the safety of our patrons, performers, and staff must always come first.

“Governors Ball will continue as scheduled Saturday morning. We anticipate gates to open on schedule. We are looking forward to great music and good times for the rest of the weekend.”

Throughout the day, the festival's official Twitter did its best to smile through the bad news ("Life's not about waiting for the storms to pass...It's about learning to dance in the rain. #YoureDoingGreat"), but gradually became overcome by public service messages addressing weather and delays ("Ferry People: still trying our best to get you out to the Island"), and at around midnight, after a back-and-forth about cars being stuck in mud: "we have sent tow trucks to you. Bear with us while we get you home safely."). 

The day is described evocatively in a series of Tweets from Billboard’s Jason Lipshutz and William Gruger:

“Governors Ball update: people are waiting in line for food on floating planks …

“Still at Governors Ball. Unreal. Still pouring. Mud is 10 inches deep. Feist's set stopped 1 song in for tech difficulties. …

“Everything looks like b-roll from a "Vice" episode. Flowing rivers of liquid mud. Lone, deserted shoes. Soggy wood chips. Sponsored ponchos. …

“brave souls still standing in torrential rain waiting for a Kings of Leon set that's either 90 mins from now or never."

Today’s forecast calls for morning showers followed by partly cloudy weather and 80-degree temperatures.