Tifanie Van Laar-Frever: The 2015 Billboard Power 100
NO. 68

Tifanie Van Laar-Frever

38, Senior buyer of music/magazines, Walmart

Last year's rank: 90

With 140 million weekly shoppers, Walmart is crucial to labels looking to move physical product as CD sales fall. And in 2014, Van Laar-Frever, who works with artists and labels on promotions to drive sales, gave music lovers exclusive versions of Blake Shelton's Bringing Back the Sunshine and the Frozen soundtrack. Of the 3.5 million units of Frozen sold by all retailers in 2014, sources say Walmart sold approximately 1 million copies of the exclusive and standard versions combined.

GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: "Partnering with Garth Brooks to exclusively offer his Blame It All on My Roots album in 2013."

HOURS A DAY I LISTEN TO MUSIC: "The majority of every day. It's commonplace for my colleagues and me to just break out in song at the office."