Rob Beckham

Rob Beckham's Exit From WME Remains Nashville's Biggest Mystery

It's been nearly 72 hours since Rob Beckham shocked Nashville and most of the country world when he confirmed to Billboard that he had left WME, an agency he had worked at since 2000 and built into one of Music City's strongest brands with acts that represented a broad swath of the biggest names in country music.
Dina LaPolt

Dina LaPolt: Beware a Sneak Attack on Creators' Rights (Guest Op-Ed)

Just this past January, I wrote an op-ed about copyleft professors using the American Law Institute (ALI) to underhandedly slip some copyleft crib notes to federal judges. The project paused and I thought ALI would put an end to it. But they are back after waiting many months to wage an attack when opponents least expect it.