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Billboard Magazine eMagazines FAQs

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If you have questions about accessing your Billboard digital issues via eMagazines or are experiencing problems, you will find answers to the most common questions below:

I subscribed via iTunes and cannot find my magazines.

Billboard is no longer using iTunes to deliver its digital edition subscriptions. If you subscribed to Billboard directly (as opposed to iTunes), then your digital edition is serviced through eMagazines. If you subscribed through iTunes, please contact iTunes customer service and/or visit Apple News+.

I already have a print subscription to Billboard. Can I get the digital issues as part of my subscription?

Yes, all Billboard subscriptions include access to the digital issues via eMagazines.

What information do I need to access my digital issues?

To set up your account, you will need your email address associated with your account. If Billboard does not have your email address already, you will need to provide it by contacting subscriptions@billboard.com. View digital issues by clicking: library.

What is eMagazines?

eMagazines is a digital distribution magazine reading platform. eMagazines works with magazine publishers and their re-sellers to deliver the digital version of their magazine to their subscribers. You can think of eMagazines as a post office that delivers mail from other parties.

Does eMagazines have an app to download?

No. There is no app required to view your digital editions. Your digital editions can be viewed on any device (including smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets, and more). There’s no need to download an application on your phone to see digital editions. Just like Facebook, Snapchat and Google, you need to be connected to the Internet to view your digital edition.

Is eMagazines accessible on all devices?

Yes. Subscribers can view their digital magazines on any device via a web browser. That means any desktop, laptop or smartphone can access magazines quickly and easily.

I’m not receiving my issue notification emails with access links.

If you haven’t received your issue notification emails, check your junk or promotions folders. It’s possible that the emails are going to your spam folder or your ISP is blocking the emails before they get to your email account. Please be sure to add delivery@mail.emagazines.com to your safe senders list and read about how to add eMagazines to your safe senders list on Gmail.com.

Why does the library say I’ve reached my session limit?

You can view digital issues and access your library on up to five devices. Once you’ve reached this limit, the issue will be locked until you access it again from your library.

On the library page, enter your email address and click Submit. eMagazines will send you a link to access your library of digital issues. Once in the library you can click on the cover of the issue you want to read and it will open in your browser.

I’d like to change the email address associated with my Hollywood Reporter subscription. Can you help me?

You will need to let Billboard Customer Service team know the new email address to ensure that all future issues of your subscription are sent to the correct address by emailing subscriptions@billboard.com.

I’d like to cancel my Billboard subscription. Can you help me?

Please contact the Billboard Customer Service team directly at subscriptions@billboard.com.

Who can I contact about my digital edition if my question hasn’t been answered in this FAQ page?
Email eMagazines at support@emagazines.com. A support team member will be happy to help address any questions you may have that we haven’t answered here.