Rob Tannenbaum


Tom Petty, 1978

Tom Petty: How a Complicated Good Ol' Boy Reinvented Himself in L.A.

Beneath the surface of his masterful radio hits, Petty, who died Oct. 2 at age 66, artfully synthesized a range of uniquely American tropes -- Los Angeles and the South, ennui and ambition, tradition and reinvention -- reducing rock to its essence even as he expanded its boundaries.
The Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones (left) and Hendrix backstage at the Monterey International Pop Festival.

The Oral History of Monterey Pop, Where Jimi Torched His Ax & Janis Became a Star: Art Garfunkel, Steve Miller, Lou Adler & More

The modern outdoor music extravaganza was born 50 years ago this June, when Jimi torched his ax and Janis won over industry suits at the Monterey International Pop Festival. On the eve of its first-ever reboot, co-founder Lou Adler, Art Garfunkel, Steve Miller and more recall how a few hippies narrowly averted a Fyre Fest-like disaster as they kicked off the Summer of Love.