Paul Grein


Britney Spears, Elton John, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Kanye West and Justin Bieber

The 50 Greatest Grammy Losers for Best New Artist

The roster of Grammy winners for best new artist includes such all-time greats as Bobby Darin, The Beatles and Mariah Carey. The roster of Grammy losers for best new artist may be even more star-studded.
Jennifer Lopez

Will Jennifer Lopez Get Golden Globe, Oscar Noms for 'Hustlers'?

Jennifer Lopez is getting some of the best reviews of her career for her new film Hustlers, which raises the possibility that she could receive her first Golden Globe nomination in more than two decades. And Lopez is in the Oscar conversation for the first time since her acclaimed performance in 1998's Out of Sight.

Will Lizzo Be Eligible for Best New Artist at 2020 Grammys?

Lizzo is precisely the kind of artist the Recording Academy would like to see receive a Grammy nomination for best new artist. There's just one hitch: She may not qualify. Will the Academy bend the rules to let her compete?