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Nolan Feeney

Nolan Feeney is a senior features editor at <em>Billboard</em>, working on cover stories, special packages and business features across print and digital. In addition to profiling the likes of Lady Gaga, P!nk, Dua Lipa and Blackpink for the magazine, he also oversees <em>Billboard</em>'s annual Pride issue and various executive lists, including 40 Under 40. He joined <em>Billboard</em> in 2018 as the publication's first digital features editor. Prior to <em>Billboard</em>, he was the music editor at <em>Entertainment Weekly</em> and a culture reporter for <em>Time</em>. He has also written for <em>GQ</em>, <em>Esquire</em>, <em>Elle</em>, The Cut, Vulture and <em>The Atlantic</em>. A Bay Area native, Nolan is a graduate of Northwestern University and lives in Brooklyn.

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