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Christina Aguilera

10 Christina Aguilera Songs for Your Pride Month Playlist: Listen

When Christina Aguilera joined the queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race in the first episode of Untucked season 10, it was all fun, games and kiki; but as a more experienced sister, Xtina also got real with the girls. She said that the reason she relates to the LGBTQ community is because they all share a similar story: “I’m sure we’ve all had a painful place or a struggle or something, and I think that’s really relevant, and that’s a part of my music, and a part of where I come from.”
Diana Ross

7 Diana Ross Songs For Your Pride Month Playlist: Listen

In the world of gay favs, one queen reigns supreme, the legendary Diana Ross, who has been inspiring generations of queer people for more than a half-century. Here are eight songs to help you celebrate LGBTQ Pride with the boss.

10 Beyonce Songs For Your Pride Month Playlist: Listen

Who runs the world, you ask? Beyonce, silly, one of the world’s best-selling musical acts with legions of adoring fans spread across the globe. Here’s a look at 10 songs to help you celebrate LGBTQ pride with Queen Bey.

10 Madonna Songs for Your LGBTQ Pride Playlist: Listen

One of the LGBTQ community’s fiercest and most outspoken allies, Madonna has been fighting for acceptance and pushing the gay agenda with her art since the release of her first single “Everybody” in 1982.