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Ed Sheeran photographed for Billboard magazine on Sept. 26, 2015 at Elvis Guesthouse in New York City.

Billboard Cover: 24 Hours With Ed Sheeran as He Launches New Label, Talks Third Album and Pops Bottles Courtesy of Beyonce

Take four high-flying, trendsetting titans and trail them for a full workday (and night... and morning). The result? Hundreds (nay, thousands) of text messages sent, bro-hugs exchanged, clients soothed, journalists schmoozed, naps snuck, deals struck and, on packed concert floors across the country, faces melted. Against the backdrop of an industry in upheaval, here's how shit REALLY gets done in today's snooze-you-lose music biz.

Music's Men of Style: Brandon Flowers Admits He Can't Compete With Mick Jagger

Brandon Flowers is a hometown boy whose hometown happens to be Las Vegas. The 34-year-old Killers frontman and solo artist, whose 2015 album The Desired Effect reached No. 3 on Billboard's Alternative Albums chart, grew up in the shadow of the glitzy Strip. And while his sense of style and musical presence owe credit to some of Sin City's most iconic frontmen -- from Frank Sinatra to Elvis -- the alt rocker known for his dance-friendly tracks prefers T-shirts and the occasional sequined bomber jacket to suits and ties.