Michelle Zauner

Soul Sisters Podcast: Michelle Zauner on Japanese Breakfast's Ascent

Soul Sisters was thrilled to be joined by the mastermind behind of one of our new favorite bands, Japanese Breakfast, whose Michelle Zauner gave us the lowdown on how their gorgeous new album, Soft Sounds From Another Planet, came about; what she does to make sure any misogyny she encounters on tour is put to an immediate end ("I'm gonna be very vocal about it"); and the best way to get back at unsupportive exes through her songwriting.
Phoebe Ryan at the Hot 100 Music Festival, 2017

Soul Sisters Podcast: Phoebe Ryan on Why 'You Gotta Destroy It to Enjoy It'

Phoebe Ryan isn't precious about holding onto things that aren't working. From her new single "Forgetting All About You" featuring Blackbear, to her life motto "destroy it to enjoy it," to her fresh approach to songwriting (be it for Usher or Britney Spears), Ryan is always looking for the bigger picture.
Soul Sisters Podcast: Allison Pierce

Soul Sisters Podcast: Allison Pierce Heals Her Broken Heart With New Solo Album

Allison Pierce joins this episode of Soul Sisters to explain how initially her "heart was broken by the music business just countless times" when she and her sister Cat recorded together as The Pierces a decade ago. (Though they counted big names like Lana Del Rey among their fans, "your record comes out and no one buys it," Pierce recalls.) Now with her first solo album, Year of the Rabbit, she is ready to have another go at it.