Lee Ann Womack

Soul Sisters Podcast: Lee Ann Womack on Everyone's Favorite Wedding Song (Hers) & Soulful New Album

Everyone knows Lee Ann Womack as the singer behind that ubiquitous Y2K heartstring-puller "I Hope You Dance" - so much so that they might be surprised to hear that same Womack singing on the new bluesy, smoke-filled, love-wisened tracks that comprise The Lonely, The Lonesome & The Gone, her ninth studio album and perhaps the real crowning achievement of them all.
Tori Amos

Soul Sisters Podcast: Tori Amos Declares She's in 'Warrior Mode' Amid Sexual Harassment Controversies

In the midst of this groundswell moment which finds women around the world coming forward to share their personal tales of sexual harassment and abuse following the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Tori Amos re-joins Soul Sisters to offer the kind of perspective and comfort we knew we could seek from one of the industry's wisest story-tellers. And Amos has a lot to say.
Julia Weldon

Soul Sisters Podcast: Julia Weldon on Queer Representation & Turning Near Death Into New Music

Happy National Coming Out Day! And happy Julia-Weldon-on-Soul-Sisters Day, as the singer/songwriter joins Jessie and Darah to tell us about her journey from child actor to musician while grappling with issues of gender, sexuality and near-fatal illness, all of which have culminated in the crafting of beautiful songs like those found on her new album, Comatose Hope.
Cindy Wilson

Soul Sisters Podcast: Cindy Wilson's Adventures With The B-52s and Beyond

When we asked the B-52s' Cindy Wilson to share one of the meanings behind the title of her new solo album Change (Nov. 17), she couldn't help but joke, "Well I've already been through the change" before dissolving into her infectious laugh that kept us cracking up throughout the episode.