Marissa Paternoster

Soul Sisters Podcast: Marissa Paternoster, Reluctant Guitar Hero, Doesn't Want to Explain What 'Screaming Females' Means

On this episode of Soul Sisters, Screaming Females frontwoman Marissa Paternoster tells us how she went from being a young aspiring musician whose early journal entries included such obversational tidbits as, "Today Mandy puked in class. It was funny. Mood: laughing" to becoming a rock powerhouse who Spin once dubbed the 77th greatest guitarist of all time.
Ute Lempe

Soul Sisters Podcast: Ute Lemper, An International Star, Wrestles With American Politics & Her Own German Heritage

Ute Lemper has originated some of the most iconic roles in musical theater, recorded over 30 albums, played the world's most renowned concert halls across the globe and interpreted the work of music's greatest lyricists, and now the German-born but current Manhattanite is set to return to New York's Café Carlyle with her show Rendezvous With Marlene, based on an exchange she had with the late Marlene Dietrich in 1988.
Andrea Gibson

Soul Sisters Podcast: Andrea Gibson on Channeling Rage, Grief and 'Radical Self-Forgiveness' in New Poetry Projects

"Just by the nature of the fact that my poems are about women makes them political, which is heartbreaking," Andrea Gibson tells us on this episode of Soul Sisters, in which Jessie and Darah get to break down the personal, the political and the pronoun with the genderqueer poet/performer who has a new album Hey Galaxy and collection of poetry Take Me With You out now, and is on tour for fans to see their unmissable live performances.