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K-Pop Columnist contributor Jeff Benjamin manages and writes the site's K-pop column. An online writer at Fuse TV, this New York University alumnus has also contributed to The New York Times, Rolling Stone, BuzzFeed, NYLON,, and other publications.

Super Junior Leslie

Watch Super Junior & Leslie Grace Discuss 'Lo Siento,' Teach Each Other Korean & Spanish: Exclusive

Billboard was allowed access into Super Junior and Leslie Grace's "Lo Siento" music video recording where we got to ask about their experiences working together. In an exclusive interview piece that's sure to delight fans from around the world, watch as the stars discuss their new collaboration, what they've learned from each other, as well as try out phrases from each other's languages.
TWICE, "What is Love?"

Breaking Down the Movie References in TWICE's 'What Is Love?' Video

Get to know both the movies referenced -- as well as the individual TWICE members -- more in this breakdown of the key film references in TWICE's "What Is Love?" video. After you get done with your umpteenth viewing of "What Is Love?" and reading through this article, the only question you'll have next is which movie to binge watch first?