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Michael Blume

Michael Blume Fights for the 'Disruption of Masculine Spaces' in Boxing-Themed 'In Between' Video: Watch

LGBTQ musicians navigate a world filled with gray areas, unclear paths with unclear outcomes, trying to exist between authenticity to oneself and acquiescence to heteronormative tropes. Michael Blume, a queer NYC-based singer-songwriter whose music video for his latest single “In Between” premieres below, is imminently aware of this constant grappling.
Mila Jam Eye On You

Mila Jam Wants to Showcase a Joyful Trans-Inclusive Love in 'Eye On You' Video

It’s time for some uplifting music. We all need a break from reality, now more than ever, and queer artists are stepping up to the plate and answering society's sonic needs. Among the best young queer talent out there is Mila Jam, a quickly rising singer-songwriter whose infectious new music video for “Eye On You,” premiering below, is giving us all a break from that summertime sadness.
Baby Yors

Baby Yors Describes Emotional Live Performance of 'Mother' & Growing Up Queer in Argentina

There are still many places in this world, including parts of our own country, where being anything other than straight is seen as worthy of punishment and your friends' and family's disdain. Queer life is effectively squashed down, and Baby Yors, the singer whose gay stylings bring to mind a one-man Queen band, knows exactly what that’s like.