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Antony Carle

Antony Carle Talks Growing Up Religious, LGBTQ Representation & His Debut EP 'The Moment'

Antony Carle was discovered by accident. The label he was signed to, Bonsound, discovered the French Canadian musician from Trois-Rivières while opening for the headliner they were interested in. “They approached me that night but I wasn’t ready at all,” he admits with a laugh. “I was performing whatever I could at the time, but didn’t have anything close to an album written.”

Morgxn's New Single Is the Most Personal Song He's Ever Written: 'I Asked Myself If I Should Hold Back'

Make no doubt about it, Morgxn is a sensitive soul. And like most sensitive souls, the internet can be difficult to navigate. It’s even worse when you’re part of an online bullying prank so vile the FBI gets involved. “I think that’s why I get so revved up when I see people slandering each other online,” he shares. “It’s like, these are people. Let’s not use our energy to fight with each other, let’s make our energy to inspire people and come together as a fucking world and be better."
Brooke Candy

Brooke Candy Is a Sex-Positive Queer Artist Committed to Making Art

With eccentric looks and a subversive social media presence, it's no wonder why Brooke Candy is a fan of drag queens. “Their talent and artistic flair is incomparable," she says. "How many people do you know that can beat their face, attach a lace front, sew their own outfit, dance and perform, have a level of charisma and still do it stunningly? That is beyond."