Jacey Goetzman


Jackie and Juliet Evancho

Jackie Evancho & Sister Juliet Talk Music Memories, Trans Issues

Jackie Evancho and her sister Juliet grew up like any other girls. They liked playing dress-up; Juliet always chose the prettiest dresses, though Jackie didn’t say anything. The girls were best friends. Their parents were supportive and encouraged them to be creative.
Mitch & Scott of Pentatonix

Pentatonix's Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying Talk Friendship: 'Even While We Were in the Closet, There Was Still That Comfortability'

With two No. 1 albums on the Billboard 200 and four entries on the Hot 100, it’s undeniable: Pentatonix is a force. While those feats are impressive on their own, add to it that they’re an acapella group and the success is unparalleled. At the heart of the band are Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying -- who also have their side project, Superfruit.