Céline Bossart

Céline Bossart is a food and drink contributor for Billboard.com.

Jaden Smith x Umami Burger

Jaden Smith Wants You to Eat His Meatless Umami Burgers for Hurricane Relief

Wednesday (Oct.11), Jaden Smith officially launched his own take on Impossible Foods’ collaboration with Umami Burger in Downtown LA, bringing socially and health-conscious dining options to the masses with a touch of his own creative direction. His menu options will be available at 20 locations nationwide beginning Thursday (Oct. 12).
Luis Fonsi, 2017

In Honor of National Rum Day We Rode a Boozy Bus With Luis Fonsi

As you can imagine, National Rum Day is a big deal for many a rum brand -- particularly Bacardi, which Luis Fonsi will stand by as being one of the most recognizable names in the game (and so would we). So it came as no surprise that he spent the day on a tricked-out tropical Bacardi school bus, bar and all, riding around Manhattan with cocktails aplenty.