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The Billboard Cover Story: The PYTs of 'Grease: Live'

The Billboard Cover Story: The PYTs of 'Grease: Live'

On set in L.A. as the PYTs of music get ready to play Pink Ladies, the director of 'Hamilton' lends cool and Fox diversifies (natch) and modernizes the original high school musical, set to go live Jan. 31 on TV.

David Bowie as Thomas Jerome Newton in 1976's The Man Who Fell to Earth

David Bowie's Life on Film: An Unpredictable and Arresting Presence

For proof of how David Bowie's roiling creativity flowed between music and movies, one doesn't have to look further than his first film, Nicolas Roeg's 'The Man Who Fell to Earth,' from 1976: "He put much more of himself in it than we had been able to get into the script," Roeg said later. "Toward the end I realized a big change had happened in his life."