Richard Smirke

Richard Smirke is a U.K. journalist specializing in music and the music industry, who writes regularly for Billboard magazine, and He has previously written for The Guardian, BBC, Associated Newspapers, and other publications.


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UK Labels Reveal Gender Pay Gap: 'There's Still Much More Work to Do'

The news won't come as a surprise to anyone inside the music industry, but confirmation that men hold the majority of senior posts at all three major labels in the U.K. -- and take home considerably more pay than their female colleagues -- still makes for depressing reading.
Shakil Khan

Spotify Dragged Into Family Feud Between An Investor and His Brother

At a 2012 tech conference in London, Shakil Khan, once described by Wired as Spotify CEO Daniel Ek's "second-in-command" and by Thomson Reuters as his "eyes and ears," told the crowd that Ek "needed somebody to be on a plane and supporting him around the world. That's what I do."