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Beyonce in a still from the Lemonade visual album.

Beyonce Opens Her Diary on 'Lemonade'

Lemonade -- Beyonce’s sixth studio album, released as an hour-long visual album on Tidal after premiering on HBO -- is all about the feels. Strikingly direct and damn-near transparent, it's by far her most personal work -- and also her best and most focused.
Beyonce, "Formation", 2016

Why Are People Suddenly Afraid of Beyonce's Black Pride?

If anything has been made clear in the past two weeks about black female lives in America's pop territory, it's that black girls are magic, but black women expressing their views are on the "attack." As the gigabytes of reactions to Beyonce's "Formation" -- the song, the video, the Super Bowl performance, the seismic event -- have shown, white America, white supremacy and patriarchy continue to live in fear of an actualized black woman who actually resonates with black women.