Web Trends: Listen To Spotify's Most Played Song Of 2011

Business Matters: What to Expect from Spotify's 'New Direction' Press Conference Next Week

Spotify sent out an announcement Monday morning for a “global press conference” that will take place on November 30 in New York. The event will be hosted by CEO Daniel Ek and will feature “a special guest or two,” according to the email. So what’s next for Spotify? Let the guessing begin. Also: 7Digital links up with T-Mobile; Penguin suspends OverDrive.
Warner and Sony Join Universal's Lawsuit Against Grooveshark

Internal Emails in Grooveshark/Universal Case Show Grooveshark Opted to Post First, Ask for Permission Later

Universal Music Group lawsuit against Grooveshark, filed Friday in a US District Court, includes revealing internal emails to bolster its claim that "(Parent company) Escape (Media Group) has brashly acknowledged the unauthorized and infringing nature of its business." It’s an old story in digital music: should a startup seek permission to use copyright material or forgiveness for using copyright material without a license?
Warner and Sony Join Universal's Lawsuit Against Grooveshark

Grooveshark Lawsuit Reveals Details of Universal Music Group's Allegations

Music service Grooveshark calls itself “the world’s largest international community of music lovers.” But a small number of co-founders and employees are also targets of Universal Music Group’s lawsuit against the service’s parent company, Escape Media Group.
Warner and Sony Join Universal's Lawsuit Against Grooveshark

Universal Music Group Sues Grooveshark: Report

Universal Music Group has reportedly filed a lawsuit against music service Grooveshark over alleged copyright violations. The complaint alleges Grooveshark management has led an effort to upload more than 100,000 songs to the music service and claims to have supporting emails and documents. Universal is reported to be seeking the maximum in damages of $150,000 per infringing act.
Pandora Reaches 40 Million Active Users, Sees No Impact from On-Demand Services

Business Matters: Pandora To Sell Targeted Political Ads

Pandora has been criticized for not doing well enough with local advertising. Now the company has a new plan to deliver targeted, local ads to its listeners.Also, court rejects Joel Tenebaum's request for another hearing; TuneUp bundle is a hit; John Wooler joins PlayNetwork.
Analyzing Google Music, a Day After the Launch

Analyzing Google Music, a Day After the Launch

Google Music’s launch event Wednesday revealed a strong product, emphasizing partnership with artists and labels – a good match for the company’s cloud and mobile ambitions. Given the company’s reach, Google Music has the difficult task of being all things to all people, and Google’s two-prong approach to the demand curve could enable the right balance between mainstream fans and long-tail music connoisseurs. Still, some questions remain.