Christa Titus

Death Valley High

Watch Death Valley High's Video for 'Ick Switch': Exclusive

Directed by Brian Cox, who has handled clips for such acts as Gemini Syndrome and Prong, the video for Death Valley High's “Ick Switch” is “a ‘prequel’ of sorts to our first single, ‘Warm Bodies,’ ” says singer/guitarist Reyka Osburn. That video, which debuted in September, is a NSFW clip that features a girl desperately fleeing from zombies. The one for “Ick Switch” combines live-action footage of Death Valley High with grainy images of butchery and body parts; it also stars actor Graham Mackie Sr. — known for his cameos in Skittles commercials and such films as "Tangerine" — who also appeared in “Warm Bodies.”

Candlebox Offers 'Special Insight' Into the Band in 'Supernova' Video: Exclusive Premiere

“We wanted a video that represents us, who we are, what we’re like on and off the road,” says Candlebox singer/songwriter Kevin Martin of the video for "Supernova." “This video gives the viewer a special insight into Candlebox and the personalities of each member, but it also shows just how special our bond is with our music and how much we love playing live.”
Alter Bridge

Alter Bridge Reaches Out to Survivor of College Shooting Near University of Illinois

Erik Lasaine eulogized George Korchev during a Sept. 27 memorial for the victims of a shooting near the University of Illinois. Being an Alter Bridge Fan, he recited the chorus and the last stanza from the band’s song “Blackbird” as he spoke of his friendship with Korchev. The band got word and was deeply moved.
Twisted Sister

7 Significant Moments in Twisted Sister's History

Twisted Sister is calling it a day in Lakewood, N.J., where it’s playing the second annual Rock Carnival at First Energy Park Saturday (Oct. 1) as its final live date in the Northeast. In honor of the TS' final bow, here are seven significant moments that shaped the band’s history.
Echo Black

Watch Echo Black's Video for 'Chemicals'

In Echo Black's video for “Chemicals,” it may look like singer Danny Blu took a page from Kanye West’s fashion - "We appreciate how he visually interprets his music," notes Blu - who dons a jewel-like mask similar to the crystal Maison Martin Margiela one West has worn on tour. Billboard has the exclusive premiere of the “Chemicals” video today. Watch it below.