Christa Titus

Jonny Hawkins of Nothing More

Nothing More Leave It All on the Stage for NYC Stop of The Truth Tour

Nothing More’s music has been steadily resonating with wider audiences since it broke through with its self-titled album in 2014 because its catalog alternates between hard-driving rock missives and vulnerable explorations of inner pain. Its set list did the same, primarily drawing from the songs that helped The Stories We Tell Ourselves garner a Grammy nomination for best rock album, such as the electro-sampling “Don’t Stop,” to-hell-with-them raver “Let ’Em Burn,” the hopeful “Do You Really Want It?” and note-perfect “Go to War.” NM also dug into “Christ Copyright” (a denouncement of fear-mongering), “Mr. MTV” (which examines instant gratification) and “Jenny” (a song inspired by vocalist Jonny Hawkins’ sister, who struggles with bipolar disorder).