Bram Teitelman

Paul Masvidal

Paul Masvidal's Solo Project Doubles as a Brain Entrainment Experiment

As a founding member of technical progressive band Cynic (and onetime guitarist of influential death metal band Death), Paul Masvidal has made quite a name for himself. However, with today’s release of Mythical, he’s putting out something that he says “terrified” him to make, even though it might have therapeutic effects for those listening to it.
The Damned Things

How The Damned Things Reformed After Being in 'An Uncertain Place' Before Second Album

Fall Out Boy, thrash titans Anthrax and Buffalo, N.Y., hardcore stalwarts Every Time I Die likely doesn’t have much overlap. However, in 2010, members of all three bands united to release an album as The Damned Things. That the group has somehow re-formed years later to put out sophomore album "High Crimes" (April 26, Nuclear Blast) is somewhat of a surprise, even to singer Keith Buckley.

Alcest Ends 'Kodama' Touring Cycle By Playing First U.S. Prophecy Fest

French metal outlet Alcest is influential enough to lay claim to having started a subgenre of metal. And while it has toured the United States with increasing frequency during its 18 years as a band, it’s capping off the touring cycle for its most recent album, 2016’s Kodama, by playing the set in its entirety at Prophecy Fest, the first stateside festival for Alcest’s record label.