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Connie Smith

Hot Country Songs

Once A Day

Then And Only Then

If I Talk To Him

The Hurtin's All Over

Nobody But A Fool (Would Love You)

Just One Time

Tiny Blue Transistor Radio

Ain't Had No Lovin'

I Can't Remember

You And Your Sweet Love

Run Away Little Tears

Just For What I Am

If It Ain't Love (Let's Leave It Alone)

Cincinnati, Ohio

Till I Kissed You

I Just Want To Be Your Everything

I'm Sorry If My Love Got In Your Way

I Never Once Stopped Loving You

Burning A Hole In My Mind

I'll Come Runnin'

Love Is The Look You're Looking For

Ribbon Of Darkness

I Don't Wanna Talk It Over Anymore

Baby's Back Again

Ain't Love A Good Thing

Where Is My Castle

I Never Knew (What That Song Meant Before)

Why Don't You Love Me

I've Got My Baby On My Mind

You've Got Me (Right Where You Want Me)

Cry, Cry, Cry


The Song We Fell In Love To

Louisiana Man

Young Love

So Sad (to Watch Good Love Go Bad)

I Got A Lot Of Hurtin' Done Today

Lovin' You Baby

Dream Painter

The Latest Shade Of Blue

Coming Around

A Far Cry From You

There'll Never Be Another For Me

Smooth Sailin'

Lovin' You,lovin' Me/ten Thousand And One

Don't Say Love