A vocalist/multi-instrumentalist who owes a heavy debt to the glam rock of the 1970s, Royston Langdon purportedly became inspired to pursue his chosen career at age twelve after seeing legendary rockers Queen perform live. Born Royston William Langdon on May first, 1972 in Leeds, England, Langdon did however discover music well before viewing Freddie Mercury in tights. Joining the Leeds Parish Church choir at age seven along with older brother Antony, Langdon developed an interest in music early. Various band projects ensued and eventually the brothers Langdon found themselves in New York City. Legend has it that 19-year old Royston made the move in a gesture of support to the already expatriated Antony who was suffering a bad break-up with his then girlfriend. There, working as an intern at Baby Monster Studios, the younger Langdon met producer Bryce Goggin who had previously worked with The Lemonheads and Trey Anastasio. The two struck up a friendship and later Goggin produced the first Spacehog single "In The Meantime". After a series of critically lauded, but commercially dissapointing albums, the members of Spacehog decided to part ways and Langdon soon began work on a solo album -- once again with Goggin -- rumored to be released in 2003. Langdon married actress Liv Tyler in 2001. ~ Matt Collar, Rovi