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Watch Demi Lovato Hilariously Read Her Fans' 'Sweet Tweets': Exclusive

Who has the sweetest fans? Actually, Demi Lovato might. 

Billboard Women in Music 'Rulebreaker' Demi Lovato: "The Struggle Isn't Being a 'Woman in the Industry' It's Being a Celebrity''

Billboard chatted with the pop star -- who is being honored as the 'Rulebreaker' at Billboard's upcoming ceremony Women in Music ceremony on Dec. 11 -- as she read some of her Lovatics' truly endearing words on Twitter. Some are Demi Lovato-inspired Twitter poetry while others are just trying to let her know her singing voice got them out of a police ticket. Watch as Lovato encourages her fans to wear a “platypus hat and rainbow pants to the grocery store” (because, why not?) in the exclusive video above. 

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