Pitbull and Chris Brown

Pitbull and Chris Brown in the video for "Fun."

Courtesy of VEVO

In their new video for "Fun", Pitbull and Chris Brown seize yet another opportunity to wrangle big-bootied, bikini-wearing babes, drive expensive sports cars and party on a yacht.

Acting out their very own Miami Vice episode, the infamous players yield exactly what you would expect from a Breezy plus Mr. Worldwide collab (I know, I know): fist-pumping beats that you hate to love (or love to hate), cringe-worthy acting and, in Pitbull's case, another fitted white suit. 

Watch Pitbull & Chris Brown Perform 'Fun' at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards

On their mission, which is easy to forget amid many thong flashes and salsa steps later, the dynamic duo takes their daytime fiesta from Miami mansions and yachts into the night, ultimately leaving Pitbull handcuffed to a chair. Watch if you dare!

No, but really, it's worth it.