Bea Miller Rebels With Rocking Debut ‘Not an Apology’: Album Review

Bea Miller

"I'm not a paper doll/Can't make me what you want," Bea Miller seethes on "Paper Doll," one of the many songs on her debut album marked by resistance to authority figures and chugging rock riffs. The mantra suits the promising 16-year-old: Despite touring with Fifth Harmony and following artists like Miley Cyrus as the new star of Disney-owned Hollywood Records, Miller refuses to be fashioned into a traditional pop singer.

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Instead, Not an Apology overflows with defiantly sneering rock. "I Dare You" and "We're Taking Over" explicitly -- and effectively -- position her as a teenage rebel. Still, her vocals sound remarkably developed and her poise never falters, even if the songwriting sometimes does. Miller needs a big single to stand out and cement her persona, but she at least proves herself a unique and ­unwavering voice.

This story originally appeared in the Aug. 1 issue of Billboard.