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Nas / May 1, 2009 / New York (Hunter College Assembly Hall)

Track Review
Despite the fact his wife Kelis -- who is due to give birth to the couple's first child in coming months -- filed for divorce the previous day and that he had to perform for a rowdy crowd full of insubordinate college kids with a less than desirable sound system, Nas did just what Hunter College hired him to do: put on a great show.

Opening acts TK Wonder, donning an 80s-inspired get-up, alongside her human beatboxer Taylor McFerrin, and Ghana-born Blitz The Ambassador, backed by a small brass band comprised of a saxophonist, trumpet player and trombonist, set up the stage for the Queensbridge MC.

After nearly half-hour of school security instructing the crowd to back up from the stage due to fire hazard restrictions and more sound issues, Nas finally took the stage close to 9:45pm to fans chanting "Braveheart, Braveheart!"

Spectators who had waited on line in the rain for nearly two hours instantly forgot about their wet garments and were immediately appeased by Nas' intense and emotional rendition of "Hip Hop is Dead" followed by his attack on Fox News, "Sly Fox," warning fans to "watch what you're watchin'."

Although the sound system continued to prove problematic, the raspy-voiced rapper never lost a beat, flying through a medley of thirty tracks, including "NY State of Mind," "If I Ruled the World," "Got Yourself a Gun," "Hot Boyz," "Nas Is Like" and "Breathe," among others.

To close the show, Nas finally performed his uber-popular, requested "Braveheart," followed by "One Mic," proving that as long as he can continue to entertain, he will prevail in the face of adversity.