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Dwele / Dec. 7, 2008 / San Diego (Anthology)

Album Review
Chargers wide receiver Chris Chambers and his label, King Ape Entertainment, brought some soul to San Diego Dec. 7 with their inaugural Soul Hop, which featured performances by King Ape artist MC Pryslezz and soul crooner Dwele at Anthology.

Hosted by radio personality Vanya from San Diego's Blazin 98.9, and with DJs Stylez and Freestyle Steve, from producer Timbaland's camp, spinning everything from Sunshine Anderson to Jennifer Hudson, the show started close to 11pm.

Opener, Pryslezz, took the stage sporting a gray military jacket and jeans.
The Detroit native was backed by a drummer, two guitarists and a pianist, as well as fellow King Ape artist Nox. NFL players such as Ladamian Tomlison and Antonio Gates, as well as Frankie Delgado of of MTV's "the Hills" looked on from the crowd.

"I get emotional sometimes when I get up here," Pryslezz said before inviting Dwele to join him on stage for "More Than A Love Song," which features the headliner and which reached No. 3 on the Hot Singles Sales chart earlier this year. With his hair picked out into an afro and clad in a black leather jacket and red adidas, Dwele took his place behind the piano as he softly belted the track's tender chorus, "more than a love song / more than a melody / this song is you and me."

After Pryslezz's set ended a few songs later, Dwele rejoined the band to the heavy drums and jazzy guitar riffs that make up the instrumentation to "Pimp's Dream." "What's up S.D. How ya feelin' tonight?" he asked the energized crowd, who clapped in response.
"Dream" was followed by "Truth," and then "I Think I Love You."

He continued with his latest single, "I'm Cheatin'," which features him crooning about loving his partner's reserved side as well as her kinky side, and feeling the urge to cheat on one with the other as if they were two different people. "It's not about two chicks," he clarified to the already-in-the-know audience. "Nobody hates me, right?"

Dwele ended the night with his first single, "Find A Way," from his 2003 debut "Subject," in which he confesses to missing a past lover/friend. He walked off the stage and onto the dance floor to share informal moments with his fans, who snapped pictures of the singer, as well as engaging in a one-two step with him.

"I'm definitely not done dancing," he said as he closed the set, while his fans continued to huddle around him. "If you feel me, say yeah!