Omar Faruk Tekbilek, "Rare Elements"

Album Review

The Turkish-born musician Omar Faruk Tekbilek is also a composer, and his music is the inspiration for this remix disc, the second installment in 5 Points Records' remix series. Tekbilek is a Sufi, and therefore his approach to music is mystical and worshipful. Handing his tunes to a group of remixers was something of an act of faith in itself, given some lackluster remix efforts. But Tekbilek's faith has been rewarded. Amon Tobin's hip remix of "Aksak" embellishes the song's trance soul while preserving its rhythmic heart. On "Omar's Chocco," remixer Kodomo rides the tempo while laying a shrewd tweak on the strings, stretching the melody. Junior Sanchez's remix of "Selemet" melds a qawwali-like song with a deep beat, entirely appropriate to the spirit of the piece.