Demi Lovato, "Here We Go Again"

While some Disney artists rely heavily on Auto-Tune and layers of effects, Demi Lovato sounds best with stripped-down production. One example is "Catch Me," a perfect acoustic ballad found halfway through the 16-year-old singer's second album, "Here We Go Again." Lovato sings with more yearning than Jewel and better phrasing to boot. The listener can even hear Lovato put a grin into her voice when singing the line, "You've got me smiling in my sleep." "Every Time You Lie" swings like Maroon 5's brand of radio soul, while "World of Chances" could easily be heard from a stage at Lilith Fair. Along with some quiet surprises, there are also potential hits, including the first single/title track, where Lovato almost sounds like Kelly Clarkson's kid sister. Quiet or loud, rock or folk, Lovato is a natural talent who could really take flight after outgrowing Disney.

- Album Review