Cage, "Depart From Me"

Album Review

Cage uses catchy hooks, guitar heavy melodies and '80s-inspired beats on his new album "Depart From Me" to relate a personal account of a life filled with abuse, drugs and violence. The New York rapper delves into his tormented childhood on the song "Beat Kids," where he recounts witnessing his father inject heroin on countless occasions. Later, on "Dr. Strong," Cage relives his past experiences as a guinea pig for drugs while being a patient at the Stony Lodge Psychiatric Hospital. Lengthier standout tracks like "I Found My Mind In Connecticut" and the creepy "I Never Knew You" depict thoughts of death and feelings of helplessness. Although many quick samples found throughout the album dull the emotional impact of Cage's nightmarish tales, the rapper should be able to captivate a larger audience through his combination of rock, pop and rap. --Patrea Patterson