Shaila Dúrcal, "Corazón Ranchero"

Album Review

Pop-mariachi artist Shaila Dúrcal will forever be associated with her late mother, the legendary singer Rocio Dúrcal. Rather than resist comparisons, the younger Dúrcal has crafted "Corazón Ranchero," a beautifully produced album of cover songs made famous by such singer/songwriters as Marco Antonio Solis and Vincente Fernandez. On "Corazón Ranchero"," Dúrcal selected tracks that weren't made famous by her mother, and if her goal was to forge her own artistic identity, then it's evidenced that she can do so.. A bonus pop version of Solis' "Tu Cárcel pairs Dúrcal's smooth vocals with a pop-country backline. It's a song that would surely impress Shania Twain. --Ayala Ben-Yehuda