Kid Cudi Featuring Kanye West and Common, "Make Her Say"

Track Review

What started as a brazen remix of one of the biggest pop hits of the year is now Kid Cudi's official second single. The rising rapper riffs on Lady GaGa's acoustic piano version of "Poker Face" -- his intrepretation was originally titled "Poke Her Face" -- along with featured artists Common and Kanye West, and sets a casual treatise on the three rapper' sexual conquests to a backdrop of beats that are raw and in the spirit of hip-hop's heyday. Cudi is never too aggressive in his delivery but his rhymes arrive in rapid succession, a refreshing change from the stop-start flow heard on his breakthrough song, "Day 'N' Nite." But it is West (who doubles as the song's producer) who owns the most memorable line: "Getting brain in the library cause I love knowledge/When you use your medulla oblongata." --Michael Menachem