Justin Bieber, "One Time"

With other R&B/pop sensations all grown up or laying low, now is the perfect time for 15-year-old Justin Bieber to step into the spotlight. The Canadian YouTube phenomenon makes his first move with "One Time," a hallmark pop song that also taps into a prevalent teen hip-hop aesthetic. Producers JB & Corron and Christopher "Tricky" Stewart give Bieber's vocals plenty of room to shine, especially when the young singer confidently breaks into the chorus, connecting overtly with his fans: "Your world is my world/And my fight is your fight." Bieber's tenor brings to mind Chris Brown's vocal debut on "Run It" in 2005, when he, too, was 15 and on the cusp of stardom. Already an online sensation, Bieber will most certainly only grow from here, as first-time listeners rush to discover the boy behind the voice. --Michael Menachem

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