K'Jon, "I Get Around"


Long-hustling Motor City native K'Jon makes no attempt to conceal the considerable legwork he's put into earning his major-label debut. "They call me K-J-O-N, and I'm from Detroit, Michigan," he sings over an easygoing neo-soul groove on the title track to his new album, "I Get Around." "I got people dancing around the globe, and this is with no radio," he continues on his song. (Well, it was with no radio.) The set's sultry lead single, "On the Ocean," recently hit the top spot on Billboard's Adult R&B chart -- don't be surprised if the track sticks around as long as Robin Thicke's similarly seductive "Lost Without U" did. K'Jon may not have much to say that listeners haven't already heard on more inventive recordings from artists like Ginuwine and Anthony Hamilton, but he's definitely a man who knows his mood. --Mikael Wood