Palenke Soultribe, "Oro"

Album Review
<p>Electronic trio Palenke Soultribe seamlessly combines Colombian rhythms with Chemical Brothers-style beats to create its own joyous mix. "Oro," the first album in a trilogy, packs together dance anthems, live funk and cumbia, with Colombian folk accordion and percussion. Inspired collaborations with members of <a href="">Kinky</a>, <a href="">Locos Por Juana</a>, Elastic Bond and other cutting-edge acts give "Oro" a boundary-busting sense of adventure. Particularly catchy are the fast-paced cumbia song "Celosa" (with Locos Por Juana) and the accordion-infused house track "Corazon Bonito." If you throw on "Oro," the party will be good for the next hour.</p>