Sunset Rubdown, "Dragonslayer"

There's no denying the multi-tasking abilities of Sunset Rubdown frontman Spencer Krug, whose talents are also integral to Canadian indie rock acts Wolf Parade and Swan Lake. But perhaps more impressive than Krug's active status in several bands is his expansive songwriting skills, which is exhibited on Sunset Rubdown's fourth release, "Dragonslayer." Sunset Rubdown leads the listener through fantastical tales come to life through a menagerie of jangly guitars, punchy keyboard sounds, sobering piano chords and Krug's signature yelp. Nonsensical lyrics about butterflies and name-changing lovers on tracks like "You Go On Ahead (Trumpet Trumpet II)" and "Apollo And The Buffalo And Anna Anna Anna Oh!," could serve as a distraction, but the songs are saved by beautifully frantic instrumentals. The standout track on the album is opener "Silver Moons," which shines with regret and baroque regality. But even with only eight tracks, "Dragonslayer" gets a bit exhaustive midway through. --Jillian Mapes

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