Sugar Ray, "Music For Cougars"

Album Review
<p>It's taken six years for feel-good Southern California rock band <a href="">Sugar Ray</a> to reconvene for its six full-length release, "Music For Cougars." And, as expected, the band continues to write songs with sublime melodies and tropical grooves. Full of simplistic and cheery lyrics about vacations, girls, dreaming and summer love, "Music For Cougars" is an optimal musical choice for beach lovers this summer. On "Closer," singer Mark McGrath distorts his vocals using auto-tune, while other funky rock instrumentals and dance-hall tunes give the album a desirable seashore spirit. Other unique moments on "Music For Cougars" include appearances by <a href="">Collie Buddz</a> on the reggae-leaning "Girls Were Made to Love" and a guest spot by singer-songwriter <a href=""> Donavon Frankenreiter</a> on "Dance Like No One's Watching." First single "Boardwalk" doesn't fall short from past Sugar Ray hits like "Fly" and "Every Morning." Overall, Sugar Ray sticks to what it does best: helping audiences realize that there's no better alternative to a California fun-in-the sun day at the beach.</p>