Ingrid Michaelson, "Maybe"

Track Review

The last track to make it onto Ingrid Michaelson's upcoming album," Maybe," gets off to a melancholy start but quickly takes off thanks to resonant lyrics. Over a radio-friendly chorus, the singer resolves to embrace the uncertainty around her faltering relationship. "The only way to really know, is to really let it go," she concludes, moments after hoping for a romantic comeback. The production continues to build until two-thirds of the way through the song, when it abruptly strips down to a single layer of vocals accompanied by fragile guitar strums. This 10-second ease illuminates the sincerity in Michaelson's voice. Then the optimistic hook takes off again, and it becomes clear that the song's duality is all too reminiscent of real-life affairs. Much like her approach to music, Michaelson's own love story is strong, risky and mature. --Melanie Fried