Boys Like Girls, "Love Drunk"

Track Review
<p>On the title track to <a href="">Boys Like Girls'</a> second album (out in September), the group offers a rowdy retaliation to <a href="">Metro Station's</a> "Shake It," last summer's pop-punk anthem. The song courts the Billboard Hot 100 with a tidy construction, danceable thurst, sexually frustrated lyrics and an array of pep rally-style chants ("Oh, yeah!" "hey, hey!" "Na-na-na-na!"). Along with co-writers S*A*M and Sluggo, lead singer Martin Johnson succeeds in making a breakup sound far more exciting than what preceded it: "We used to kiss all night/Now it's just a bar fight/So don't call me crying/Say hello to goodbye," he shouts. Producer Brian Howes (Hinder, Daughtry) offers just the right spark -- from the bombastic opener to the cyborg drum roll on the bridge -- to make the song feel like an unstoppable hit even after it's finished. --Michael Menachem</p>